Physical process
Zero preservatives
Unchanged structure & freshness

The structure is untouched, as if it had never been frozen

Nice Tech process

Traditional process

Nice Tech patented 100% physical process maintains the molecular structure during freezing. Cells and fibers remain intact and the defrosted food is fresh, natural and unchanged.


During freezing, water molecules expand and break the cell structure. When defrosted, the broken fibers lose water, nutrients and flavor and the food has a softer texture.


Our White Box: where the magic science happens

We bring the Nice Tech White Box to the harvest point so that the food can be frozen at the precise and optimal state of ripeness, using our 100% physical process. This guarantees consistent quality from field to customer, anywhere in the world, for up to 1.000 days.

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The produce is harvested at optimal ripeness.




It is sorted for quality, then peeled and cut. Only usable food is retained.

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Nice Tech’s 100% physical process takes place immediately after harvesting.




Produce can be stocked for up to three years in a regular freezer (-18ºC).




Takes place at room temperature with neither water or nutrient loss nor change in flavor or texture.

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The produce we eat tastes and feels as fresh as at the moment of harvest.

Nice Tech R&D Center

Our commitment: the continuous development of our technology and the ongoing expansion into new sectors in the food world.

Key to this strategy is our Nice Tech R&D Center, a state-of-the-art facility bringing together over 20 scientists, developers, engineers and food biotechnology experts.

With three independent sectors dedicated to FRUIT, VEGETABLES, MEAT and FISH, the R&D Center plays its critical role by supporting the creation of “good” food, positioning Nice Tech at the forefront of food technology, and supporting company growth by promoting key relationships with partners in the major food categories across the world.