What is Nice Tech technology?

It is a unique pre-freezing technology using no chemicals or preservatives. It is a 100% physical process that perfectly maintains every aspect of the food when it is frozen and defrosted.

How is this possible without chemicals?

We have spent 10 years researching and developing a technology that achieves what previously seemed impossible:to perfectly maintain every aspect of food when it is frozen and defrosted. The Nice Tech process keeps the food in perfect condition because it is entirely physical, without chemicals affecting the structure, nutrients or flavor. This is the key to the Nice Tech revolution.

What advantages does Nice Tech have over traditionally frozen foods?

The primary Nice Tech advantage is the quality of the food. Individually quick frozen (IQF) foods lose much of their structure and nutrients during defrosting, but Nice Tech foods are unchanged. They are the same as the day they were harvested and prepared.

We are not frozen; we are not fresh; we are NICE!

What advantages does
Nice Tech have over fresh foods?

The patented Nice Tech technology creates year-round food seasonality and reduces waste during processing, significantly reducing the CO2 footprint by reducing transports. Nice adds ready-to-eat convenience and enhanced food safety in both private and professional settings, as it is pre-prepared and fresh frozen.

Does the Nice process
affect the flavor of the food?

Not at all. The food retains all its flavorand nutrients; even the texture remains the same.

What are the other ways that
Nice Tech offers better quality?

There are 3 key elements to the Nice Tech revolution:

  • Fruit is usually harvested at 50% ripeness – Nice Tech harvests at 90% ripeness.
  • This takes place on site, where the fruit is grown.
  • It is immediately processed to ensure maximum quality and flavor.

The Nice Tech process doesn’t change or damage the food structure, so every cell is kept perfectly intact. When the food is defrosted, even after 2 years in a freezer, it has the same texture, flavor and quality as the day it was harvested.

What advantages does Nice Tech food have over seasonal food?

Nice Tech makes perishable food imperishable. It is consistently higher quality food, with better flavor, having been harvested at the perfect point of ripeness. It is fresh, ready to eat, cut and peeled.

What about the effect on the environment?

Another key element of the Nice Tech revolution is the significant reduction in CO2 emissions – approx. 50% - and basically the elimination of waste. By processing the food at the point of origin, we only need to transport the useful produce. The rest is retained and used as fertilizer. In addition, since the food can be kept in perfect condition until needed, it doesn’t deteriorate or get thrown away.

How long does the food last after defrosting?

This depends on the type of food, of course. Generally, it will last as long as any fresh food or peeled fruit. What’s important is that, unlike fruit in a bowl or food in the fridge that is losing freshness continuously, Nice Tech food is preserved at perfect freshness in the freezer until the moment it is defrosted.

What other benefits does Nice Tech food offer?

Fresh food is delicate, seasonal and regional. This presents challenges that Nice Tech overcomes, making perfectly fresh, healthy food available to everyone, at anytime and anywhere in the world. The process also helps to stabilize prices by eliminating seasonality pricing.

Where is Nice Tech?

Nice Tech can be found across the world where the best food is grown. We are building partnerships with global farmers, distributors and clients who share our vision to revolutionize the food world by making perfect, healthy food available to everyone. 


How can I join the Nice Tech team?

Please get in touch by email at info@nicefruit.com and we can talk about opportunities to become part of the Nice Tech revolution.

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