Making perishable
food imperishable

Freshness, structure, vitamins and flavor are maintained for years.

Leaving food
waste behind

The food is processed at origin, only the finished product is transported. C02 emissions are reduced by 50%.

Creating year-round seasonality

Products are available worldwide and year-round, prices are stabilized, established at origin, eliminating seasonal pricing, planning is improved and quality guaranteed.

Fruit & Vegetables

Fresh, Ripe, Ready.

Maintaining the delicate flavors and textures of fresh food presents complex challenges. Nice Tech’s patented technology meets and vanquishes these challenges by harvesting food at 90% maturity and processing it on site, bringing standards of quality, freshness and taste to people, wherever they are, in any season.

Isn’t it NICE to be responsible!

Caring for
the planet

We produce 50% less CO2 emissions and 0% food waste. We transport only edible foods, peeled and cut, not trash or waste.

food habits

The accent is on quality! 100% natural. The wide selection of fruit encourages consumption!

Making real

Improved supply forecasts and harvest planning. Stable prices at origin and destination. Fixed prices throughout the year, ending seasonality pricing.

50% less CO2 emissions
0% food waste
High quality product
Stable prices at origin & destination

We turn fruit and vegetables into healthy “fast” foods. Ready to eat, fast, easy and nutritious. High quality product. 100% natural.

The revolution continues

Our dedication to spreading Nice Tech’s impact on the food world continues with the application of our technology to the meat and fish sectors.