Our purpose is to revolutionize the food world through innovation and quality

We aim to give people a fresh new food experience and change eating habits by making truly natural flavors and textures available at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Wouldn’t it be Nice?

A technology that preserves the real taste of food

The Nice Tech 100% physical process retains all the key elements of food, so it stays full of flavor, nutrients and life! This is food frozen in a new way, with consistent quality, bringing new opportunities for food production, processing and distribution. Frozen as if it hadn’t been frozen: NICE! 

A unique, 100%
physical process

Zero preservatives. Zero chemicals.

Nothing has been added and everything healthy and good is retained. The structure of the food is unchanged after defrosting – even years later – the same freshness, texture and taste as the moment it was harvested.


The revolution continues

The Nice Tech ambition has no limits. We have expanded the potential of our technology beyond fruit and vegetables into meat and fish. We continuously explore new applications and search for the right international partners to join us in growing and in bringing Nice Tech to a wider global market.